Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Facebook Sign Up | Signup on facebook | www.facebook.com sign up | create a facebook new account

www.facebook.com is largest social networking site, everyone is now getting busy but wants to connect with each other. Now a days everyone is connected virtually using facbook. How to sign up for facebook and how to create a new account on facebook?

You want to create a facebook account then just follow the simple steps to get it.

How to Sign Up Facebook New Account?

You must just follow the following steps to creating new Facebook New Account or Sign Up Facebook:
  • After putting your web address. You will found official facebook's homepage.
  • In opened new window, you will see different blank blocks like email id, Name, Birth date, gender etc..

Note: You must have valid email id.
Now fill the sign up forms with putting your details first name, last name, email address, password, gender, Birthdate.

  • First Name: Here you put your first name
  • Last Name: Put your surname or last name
  • Email Id: Before putting this place you must have email id because you will get one verification email id on it.
  • Password: You must choose password with alphanumeric and special character (!@#$%^&*..etc) combination. If you choose this combination then it will become strongest password, no one can break it easily.
  • Gender: If you are boy then put male and if you are girl then female.
  • Birthday: Put your birth date correctly with day month and year.
  • After completing this sign up forms click on "Sign Up"
  • Next you will open a new window, where it will ask you that "Are your friends already on Facebook?"
  • If you want to search then you will find using email ids other wise skip it.
  • Profile Information: Here you will fill your some details like High School, Employer etc. and then click on Save & Continue other wise Skip
  • Profile Picture: Upload your original photo or any wall paper
  • Now Your Facebook account is ready to use but not fully because before starting your account you verify your email id.
  • Now, log on to your email account, you will get one email id from facebook.
  • Open mail then click on link which provided by facbook
  • Now your account is verified. Here Put your email and password; click on Log In

Now You have successfully created your facebook account, connect with your friends.

www.facebook.com sign up Screen shots
facebook homepage
Facebook Homepage
Facebook Signup
Facebook Sign Up
Find Friends
Find your friends on facebook
Profile Information
Profile Information
Profile Picture
Upload Profile Picture
Facebook account is created
Facebook account created
Find facebook mail
Log On to your mail box
facebook confirmation
Facebook Confirmation Mail
Login your facebook account
Login Facebook account

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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Voice Calling for Facebook


Facebook Launches Voice Calling for Android and iOS Users

Facebook has added Voice Calling facility in Facebook Messenger, now you can talk with your friends in the friends list. Many social networking apps like WeChat, BBM, Line etc offer voice calling service to their users and voice calling has been a major hit. This has pressured Facebook to start voice calling service for its users.

Voice Calling on Facebook
[image credit : www.techspot.com]
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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Facebook Account Settings

When we talk about social networking media the first thing that comes in our mind is Facebook. It has become the most used social networking platform. Almost everyone has a Facebook account. With more than 300 million active users Facebook provides the biggest social networking platform. Most people are daily users but how many of them know about the Facebook account settings. Infact many people don’t know well about the services offered in the settings.

[image credit: seotechnocrat.com]

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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Jobs via Social Networking Sites

From the day of its dawn popularity of social networking sites has increased tenfold. Many social networking sites have appeared in recent years like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram etc.  Today Facebook has emerged as the most popular social networking site with estimates of more than 1 billion users worldwide. Mostly social networking sites are used to chat with friends, sharing stuff with friends, playing games and for finding old friends. They are thought of as a medium to convey your thoughts, share your photos, music and videos to others.

job search through facebook
[image credit : www.info.whatisbluesky.com]

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Emotions in Confessions Out

Emotion Page has become the new trend on Facebook. Emotion Page is a platform for expressing your feelings. Users write about their mood in one sentence and upload the photo relating the text. Emotions Page has surpassed Confessions Page in terms of hits. Happy page, Sad Page, Friendship Page are some of the Pages liked by Users.

[image credit : www.ephshonorsbioblog.blogspot.com]

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Monday, December 9, 2013

How to use HashTag on Facebook


How to use HashTag on Facebook

Facebook has started “HashTag” service for its users. Many sites already provide hashtag service. But many of us don’t know exact method to use them. Here are some tips to help you understand using hashtag.


[image credit : www.tjhe-house-of-anubis.wikia.com]

What is HashTag?

what is hashtag
[image credit : www.socialmediamarketinguniversity.com]
 Hash Tag means (#) symbol with text written next to it. For example, “#Hello”. Hash Tag creates a clickable link which shows you all the posts that contain the word tagged by #. When clicking on the hashtag link it opens a new page. This new page contains all the posts related to the respective word (Hash Tag). When one of the words is more used than others it becomes trend on that site. Like the “Selfy” trend that has started on Facebook.

How to write a HashTag?
how to write hashtag
[image credit : www.bookthatdj.com]
 HashTag can have Lower case letters, Upper case letters or numbers. Special characters are not allowed to be tags. Using a special character ends the hashtag. For example, if you write "#Cricket@" then only #Cricket will appear as link. So instead of writing "#Cricket@" you can write "#Cricket at the rate", if you want it to be included in the hashtag.
 Avoid using HashTag too frequently

Try to avoid extensive use of hashtag even if you have necessary information or message to share. Some websites have put limit on the use of hashtags. For example, in Instagram users can atmost use 30 hashtags in one post. But its better if you keep the number below 10. For making your post short and sweet you can include 2 to 3 hashtags on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr.

How to select a HashTag?

Using a hashtag mostly depends on the previously used one. When you use a trendy hashtag it is easier to find info and posts related to it. It is better to select hashtag wisely so that more readers can be addressed. Avoid using hashtag that are out of trend or not related to your post. You can see popularity of any hashtag by searching it in Search Box. Select a hashtag such that it can reach max no of readers.

Maintain Continuity on HashTag

The best way to use hashtag is to maintain continuity i.e using similar tags for all the platforms. If you are undertaking a campaign than its desired if you use same hashtag on facebook, twitter, instagram. For example, if you use #Indian Cricket on all platforms because all the posts containing info about Indian Cricket can be found under one page. This makes easier for your followers to keep updated with you even if they are not following you on other sites.
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Friday, April 5, 2013

Facebook Status Updates – Two faces of the coin


Facebook! Hearing the name itself sounds like a melody. Every teenager who has access to internet has a Facebook account. That sums up to millions of accounts on Facebook and ever increasing. Facebook is the best way to keep in touch with your buddies and friends. But as it goes “Every good thing comes with a price”. Many Facebook users have become addicted to it. They can’t even imagine a day without checking their account. One of the addiction to which users fall pray is with their Facebook status.

Facebook Status
[Image Credit: www.geekadda.com]

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