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Facebook is the most used social networking site worldwide. It was created by Mark Zuckerberg along with his colleges and was launched in February 2004. Since its launch it has become the most popular social networking site. Over the years many new features have been added to Facebook like online games and apps. There is lot of stuff available on Facebook, some of them really cool. Moreover you can upload your photos, share post and videos with others. Facebook has provided a platform to share your views with others and is one of the best ways of mass communication.

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Let’s talk about some useful apps to have on Facebook.

Sunrise apps

Have you ever forget important dates like meetings, birthdays, anniversary and more. I guess most of us have. Wouldn’t it be nice if there is some to remind you of your friend’s birthday or an important meeting. If you feel the same, SUNRISE.IM is the answer. This app links Facebook with calendar. It sends notification to your device via mail to provide you with daily briefing in the morning. All you need to do is search for the app on Facebook and install it. You will surely never miss important events again.

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Aherk app
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Are you the person who can’t meet the deadlines, unable to complete the task in time. If you are the one who needs some kind of kick to glue you to the seat then this app is definitely for you. AHERK is all you need to install. It will make you meet your deadline. Now you will be thinking,What does that supposed to mean? Well, the thing you need to do is upload any one of your embarrassing photograph to AHERK and it will take care of the rest. Your friends will be the messengers for AHERK. AHERK asks your friends if you have met the deadline. If yes, that is good for you. But if you haven’t you are screwed, the embarrassing photograph gets uploaded on your wall. You are intelligent enough to know what happens next. This will definitely give you kick.

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Octofeed app
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Did you get bored of using same Facebook interface over the years. Here is the good news OCTOFEED provides with new user interface which is really beautiful, extreme simplicity in design. When you open your Facebook by signing in, OCTOFEED will fetch your wall and will appear in different format with different colours (turquoise, white and grey). It provides separate options for photos, links and statuses. Moreover it also changes the notification display giving it a makeover. It can be used on any platform.

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Pixable apps
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Most of the Facebook users like to share their photos with their friends. PXIABLE manages your photos on Facebook and lets you see all of yours and your friends photos at one place. It provides options like recent photos, photo of the day, cover photos and profile pics and many more. You can also follow your interest like celebs, sports etc.

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