Saturday, March 9, 2013

Facebook Email Verification| How to verify your email account for facebook?

After creating a new account on facebook, generally we cannot verify our account with our email address.

Steps to Verify you email account for Facebook
  •  Log on to your facebook account.
  • We see one message from facebook that "Your Name, go to to complete the sign-up process"
  • If you put wrong email address then just click on to change Email Address and then log on to your email account.
  • Click on to "Go to your email"
  • Now, your mail account windows opens, just put your email id, password and login your account.
  • Find the facebook mail like "Your Name, confirm your Facebook account"
  • Open this mail, and click on "Confirm account"
Snapshots of Facebook Email Verification

Step1: Log on you Facebook account
log on facebook

One message on you top of Facebook Window "Your Name, go to to complete the sign-up process"

Complete Sign up Process

Step3: Login your Email Account
login email account

Step 4: Facebook verification Mail

Confirm account
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