Saturday, March 9, 2013

Facebook Status, Post | How to add Facebook Status or Post on Wall

You are new on facebook then you do not know to share, how to add some content or message on it?

Just follow some simple steps to add your post or status on you facebook wall.
  • Just log on to your account using your email account and password
  • In Middle of your page you will find "Updates Status" and "Add Photos/Video"; below this one box written as "What's on your mind?"
  • Now click in that box and write whatever you want to share with you friends.
  • Now, you written status then you share in Public or only friends or Only Me etc.. Different options are available choose any one.
  • Click on to "Post"
  • Yahoo..! You updates your status on your wall..
Snapshot of Facebook Status, Post on your Wall
Step 1: Log on you Facebook Account
Facebook Login
Step 2: Find the Updates Status in the middle of Facebook Wall
Facebook Wall
Step 3: Just Write Status 
Write Status
Step 4: Click to Post
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