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Facebook Sign Up | Signup on facebook | www.facebook.com sign up | create a facebook new account

www.facebook.com is largest social networking site, everyone is now getting busy but wants to connect with each other. Now a days everyone is connected virtually using facbook. How to sign up for facebook and how to create a new account on facebook?

You want to create a facebook account then just follow the simple steps to get it.

How to Sign Up Facebook New Account?

You must just follow the following steps to creating new Facebook New Account or Sign Up Facebook:
  • After putting your web address. You will found official facebook's homepage.
  • In opened new window, you will see different blank blocks like email id, Name, Birth date, gender etc..

Note: You must have valid email id.
Now fill the sign up forms with putting your details first name, last name, email address, password, gender, Birthdate.

  • First Name: Here you put your first name
  • Last Name: Put your surname or last name
  • Email Id: Before putting this place you must have email id because you will get one verification email id on it.
  • Password: You must choose password with alphanumeric and special character (!@#$%^&*..etc) combination. If you choose this combination then it will become strongest password, no one can break it easily.
  • Gender: If you are boy then put male and if you are girl then female.
  • Birthday: Put your birth date correctly with day month and year.
  • After completing this sign up forms click on "Sign Up"
  • Next you will open a new window, where it will ask you that "Are your friends already on Facebook?"
  • If you want to search then you will find using email ids other wise skip it.
  • Profile Information: Here you will fill your some details like High School, Employer etc. and then click on Save & Continue other wise Skip
  • Profile Picture: Upload your original photo or any wall paper
  • Now Your Facebook account is ready to use but not fully because before starting your account you verify your email id.
  • Now, log on to your email account, you will get one email id from facebook.
  • Open mail then click on link which provided by facbook
  • Now your account is verified. Here Put your email and password; click on Log In

Now You have successfully created your facebook account, connect with your friends.

www.facebook.com sign up Screen shots
facebook homepage
Facebook Homepage
Facebook Signup
Facebook Sign Up
Find Friends
Find your friends on facebook
Profile Information
Profile Information
Profile Picture
Upload Profile Picture
Facebook account is created
Facebook account created
Find facebook mail
Log On to your mail box
facebook confirmation
Facebook Confirmation Mail
Login your facebook account
Login Facebook account

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