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Facebook Status Updates – Two faces of the coin

Facebook! Hearing the name itself sounds like a melody. Every teenager who has access to internet has a Facebook account. That sums up to millions of accounts on Facebook and ever increasing. Facebook is the best way to keep in touch with your buddies and friends. But as it goes “Every good thing comes with a price”. Many Facebook users have become addicted to it. They can’t even imagine a day without checking their account. One of the addiction to which users fall pray is with their Facebook status.

Facebook Status
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It is impressive to have cool status. But some people get over the top and update any silly status or they upload something misleading others. Some are addicted to changing status every day. Most of us must have noticed such things. We hit like on such status or comment on is good to have nice status message. But changing your status daily is surely a call for help. You may ask why I am stressing so much on Facebook status. It is because it is an indication that you are addicted to Facebook and it not good. In medical terms it is considered as mental illness. So it is necessary to know why peoples frequently update their status.

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There are many of us who frequently change their current status. Many of peoples we know do such things. If you have ever asked them about it their usual reply is they do so because they find it funny. Most stupid answer is that it is written for someone special. If you want to really convey your message to one person then it does not make any sense posting it on your wall. You can just message that person instead of making it public. The reason behind such status is to get public attention. They are always trying to show the world that you are different from others.

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The real Fact

“Pune Times Team” has interviewed peoples who regularly change their Facebook status. Some were friends with the team members and some were friends with their friends. From their interview two things came forward. First, most of them do so because they want to shoe that they are special, you must be friends with them. Second, they do it just for fun. 40 % of the people saying the first thing in fact had nothing special about them in real life. They liked ordinary life with remote chance of a turn around. People doing it for fun were totally addicted to Facebook. If frequently checked if someone has posted on their wall or commented on their photo or liked their status. They check frequently, if someone has liked their comment or commented on their comment. Only a few bunch of them were doing it really for fun.

What’s Next?

No one can give you the perfect answer to this question. People often get bored with these things and they start ignoring such persons. When addictive people don’t get the expected response they start commenting on others photos or status. These comments are an attempt to get attention of others. Even when this stops they start creating fake accounts. Some peoples realize their mistakes and stop doing them but unfortunately some don’t. All they want to become is center of attraction. They don’t even realize that they have become mentally sick. Yes! Facebook addiction is a phobia.
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