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Emotions in Confessions Out

Emotion Page has become the new trend on Facebook. Emotion Page is a platform for expressing your feelings. Users write about their mood in one sentence and upload the photo relating the text. Emotions Page has surpassed Confessions Page in terms of hits. Happy page, Sad Page, Friendship Page are some of the Pages liked by Users.

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Facebook is the media that reflects in the best way, What’s happening in your Life? Through the global reach that Facebook has today it’s easier to connect with others and express your feelings. People share their happy, sad, naughty moments on facebook. This trend has moved a step ahead with special pages being created for every emotion.

The new Trend

The new motion trend started when an anonymous user created Happy Page on facebook. The people were asked to tell about the things that make them happy. The page has a simple question like, Happiness is… or Sadness is…. and people have to complete the answer by putting anything they want. They responded pretty good and shared their feelings about the things making them happy. Thus the success of one page lead to creation of other pages and a new trend emerged on facebook.
How it works

Emotion page works in similar fashion as Confession Page. The posts tweeted by the user are sent to admin’s account for validation. The admin after checking the contents of the post publishes the post. The user needs to provide his name and email id to admin along with a small description about the sketch appearing with the post. The admin then posts the tweet on behalf of user keeping the name anonymous.

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The Sketch

The sketches are simple drawings. They are drawn basically using triangle, square, lines etc. pencil drawn sketches can also be used. The best sketches are black and white ones. The main idea behind sketch is that they should display the message conveyed in the text.

List of Hit Pages

Happy Page
Sad Page
I Wish………..
Friendship is……..
True Love is……..
How to Survive College?
Don’t you hate it……
How to be Annoying….

Be the trend setter, start sharing your thoughts with the world…

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