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How to use HashTag on Facebook

How to use HashTag on Facebook

Facebook has started “HashTag” service for its users. Many sites already provide hashtag service. But many of us don’t know exact method to use them. Here are some tips to help you understand using hashtag.


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What is HashTag?

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 Hash Tag means (#) symbol with text written next to it. For example, “#Hello”. Hash Tag creates a clickable link which shows you all the posts that contain the word tagged by #. When clicking on the hashtag link it opens a new page. This new page contains all the posts related to the respective word (Hash Tag). When one of the words is more used than others it becomes trend on that site. Like the “Selfy” trend that has started on Facebook.

How to write a HashTag?
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 HashTag can have Lower case letters, Upper case letters or numbers. Special characters are not allowed to be tags. Using a special character ends the hashtag. For example, if you write "#Cricket@" then only #Cricket will appear as link. So instead of writing "#Cricket@" you can write "#Cricket at the rate", if you want it to be included in the hashtag.
 Avoid using HashTag too frequently

Try to avoid extensive use of hashtag even if you have necessary information or message to share. Some websites have put limit on the use of hashtags. For example, in Instagram users can atmost use 30 hashtags in one post. But its better if you keep the number below 10. For making your post short and sweet you can include 2 to 3 hashtags on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr.

How to select a HashTag?

Using a hashtag mostly depends on the previously used one. When you use a trendy hashtag it is easier to find info and posts related to it. It is better to select hashtag wisely so that more readers can be addressed. Avoid using hashtag that are out of trend or not related to your post. You can see popularity of any hashtag by searching it in Search Box. Select a hashtag such that it can reach max no of readers.

Maintain Continuity on HashTag

The best way to use hashtag is to maintain continuity i.e using similar tags for all the platforms. If you are undertaking a campaign than its desired if you use same hashtag on facebook, twitter, instagram. For example, if you use #Indian Cricket on all platforms because all the posts containing info about Indian Cricket can be found under one page. This makes easier for your followers to keep updated with you even if they are not following you on other sites.
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