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Jobs via Social Networking Sites

From the day of its dawn popularity of social networking sites has increased tenfold. Many social networking sites have appeared in recent years like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram etc.  Today Facebook has emerged as the most popular social networking site with estimates of more than 1 billion users worldwide. Mostly social networking sites are used to chat with friends, sharing stuff with friends, playing games and for finding old friends. They are thought of as a medium to convey your thoughts, share your photos, music and videos to others.

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This scenario is changing rapidly. Social networking sites have found their way in the corporate and business sectors. Companies are taking help of social networking sites for hiring employees. Before hiring an employee companies are usually checking their Facebook profile. They usually check a person’s record of his activity log on Facebook. If he/she was involved in any illegal activities or has posted some unauthorized stuff. They check profile information for validity. For instance many people say they like to make new friend but on the contrast they don’t have Facebook or Twitter account.

Companies have started putting their recruitment posts directly on Facebook and on other social networking sites. LinkedIn is the social networking site dedicated for peoples in professional occupations. Corporations can directly interact with consultancy firms about recruitment openings in their organization or directly with the employees. A social networking site has emerged as a means to aid in recruitment process and has made the hiring process a lot easier than 4-5 years back.

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According to survey carried out recently 64% of the companies view candidates LinkedIn profile before hiring them. 50% of them use employees Facebook profile to judge them and 10% use Twitter as a platform. 74% of the job seekers use LinkedIn for searching jobs, 24% use Facebook and 7% use Twitter for the same. The reason behind LinkedIn’s popularity as a job search platform is that companies think of it as more trustful site than others.

Use of social networking sites by corporations has increased as it provides glimpse about person’s character and helps to form an opinion about their personality. So along with academics you need to have LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter accounts. If you don’t have one then create one right now.

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