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Facebook Account Settings

When we talk about social networking media the first thing that comes in our mind is Facebook. It has become the most used social networking platform. Almost everyone has a Facebook account. With more than 300 million active users Facebook provides the biggest social networking platform. Most people are daily users but how many of them know about the Facebook account settings. Infact many people don’t know well about the services offered in the settings.

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The account settings include general setting, privacy setting, applications setting. My aim is to give you brief description on settings menu not in a complicated or detailed way but to explain in simple words. So as to help you utilize the features offered by Facebook.

Account Setting

The general setting enables the user to edit and update his/her profile information. You can edit your credentials like name, contact details, email, password and security question.

Linking new account 
Users can also add their other account and link them to Facebook account to access them directly. For this your will be needed to provide your email id and password to Facebook for authentication. You have to authorize the access to your new accounts. The same can also be deactivated. By changing the privacy policy you can choose whom to share.

What is network? Network simply means group of people belonging to same community, college or workplace. You can find loads of networks ranging from personal to community. Anyone can join them by sending a request to network admin. You can also search a particular network in the find menu.


Notifications are very important as it is practically impossible to keep track of your activities. Facebook notifies of the events through email and also through notification menu. The notifications are sent when someone likes your photo, tags you, new posts, comments, shares, birthday reminders etc. users can control what kind of notification they want to receive. The notifications are displayed on the notification icon located on the right hand button of the screen. You can also opt to receive them via mail or SMS.

Facebook recently added new feature to notification menu. You can block receiving notification from certain friends by turning off notification particularly from them.
SMS Notification
For those who want to receive notification through SMS can do so by registering their mobile number. For starting the service select “Register for facebook text message” option. You will have to provide your country and mobile no. The dialog box will ask you send “f” to a number. A confirmation code is sent to your number. Enter the code and your service will be activated.

Facebook is available in multiple languages. Users can choose their desirable language from settings menu. Many Indian languages are available.

User can also do monetary transactions on Facebook for displaying ads and applications. You can submit the banking details so that payments can be credited and debited from your account. Facebook takes the full responsibility to keep your information safe.

 Privacy Setting

Privacy Setting allows to control the level of privacy you desire. Privacy includes your profile, contact info, search access, news feed, wall and applications. Let’s see each one of them in detail.

Profile settings offer you three options as to who can see your basic information and contact information. You can set your profile to Public, Friends and Private. Each shows certain level of information to others. You can also ensure what your friends see, by checking the test link, wherein when you enter your friend’s name it will show you how that particular friend sees your profile. You get a full customizable setting to exclude certain friends from seeing certain information.

Search option allows to search for friends, network on Facebook. You can search all that you want to search. You can choose yourself to be searchable to friends or public. There is an option called “public search listing” that allows people to search you outside of facebook using search engines.

News feed and Wall
Let’s you control the activities displayed on the highlights section of your friend’s homepage. You can choose what content to get displayed on your wall. Users can also control which social action ads may or may not have your profile picture/name. The social action ads means products ads, movies, celebs fan page. The action may be shown to your friends to intimate them of your action and also suggest them to like themselves.

Application Settings

Most users often don’t use these setting. This setting is mostly to restrict the third party applications to get access to certain level of Facebook information. You can choose to do so through “public listing profile” option. However, if anyone of your friend has authorized the app then the amount of information the app can access depends on how much access you have allowed to your friend. You can set your information access that your friend can see through third party applications, so that you can restrict the amount of information access for third party apps in case your friend has authorized them.
I hope you will find the information useful and it will help you to understand Facebook better. Please feel free to comment in case if you find anything complaining.

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