Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Voice Calling for Facebook

Facebook Launches Voice Calling for Android and iOS Users

Facebook has added Voice Calling facility in Facebook Messenger, now you can talk with your friends in the friends list. Many social networking apps like WeChat, BBM, Line etc offer voice calling service to their users and voice calling has been a major hit. This has pressured Facebook to start voice calling service for its users.

Voice Calling on Facebook
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Facebook’s popularity as a chatting platform has considerably dropped. This was proven with facebook What’s App in a 19 billion $ takeover. Most of the other available chatting apps provide better functionality than Facebook. So, Facebook decided to add additional features to Facebook Messenger app. Facebook has integrated free voice calling feature for its users.

This service will be available after the latest update of Facebook Messenger. So you can either update existing app or download a new one. All the friends in your friend’s list will be available to call but they should have also installed the same. Voice calling facility will not be available on PC FOR fb users.

Requirement for Voice calling 

Voice calling can be done from any packet data enabled mobile. It is supported on both 2G and 3G networks. Obviously, 3G and Wi-fi will provide better connectivity. Voice calling feature is only available for Android and iOS smartphones. Soon, facebook will launch it for blackberry and Windows Mobile platform.

How to install Facebook Messenger App?

Installing Facebook Messenger is almost similar to other apps. For Android users, visit play store and select apps option. There you can easily find Facebook Messenger app in “Top Free” category. Other way is to manually search from the Play Store home page by typing the name. For Apple users , visit istore and type the name or scroll through apps category. Select download option and start Voice calling to your friends.

How to do Voice Call?

Android - After downloading Facebook Messenger, go to main menu and select Voice Calling. Later, select the friend you wish to call from the friends list. Now you can talk with your friends.

Apple – For apple users the process it little cumbersome. They will have to open chat menu of the person they want to call. After that go to main menu and select the “Call” option located on top right corner of the screen.

Facebook is also planning to start Voice calling service on Whats App. The service will be available from July for Whats App users. Let’s see how users respond to the new Voice Calling service offered by facebook and if stables the trembling popularity of Facebook Messenger.

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